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Our Artists


Concrete Wall

Margarita Somnolet

Westfield New Jersey USA

Degree in Interior Design. Studied painting, sketching, B&H photography. Now painting immerse in abstract expression. A vibrant collection of special and unique painting.

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Joy Ann Cabanos

I'm thrilled to share my art with everyone online.  

You may notice that my paintings feature origami... my way of marrying paper sculpture and painting together.  It's different, and always fun to see what can happen!

Joy Ann Cabanos

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Stan Adard

The Breathing Pictures

When we are upset or stressed our breathing becomes quick and shallow. Breathing deeply and slowly instantly calms us down mentally as well as physically.
The Breathing Pictures serve as a contrast to the hectic visual culture that surrounds us. The paintings radiate grace, beauty and tranquility. They act as an invitation to relax, to breathe, and to experience our inner meditations.

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Diana Cammack

Oil Paintings

Diana is so sensitive and her job represents all the wonderful way she feels life.

    For more info contact us at Galeria 908 301 9217

    De espaldas.jpg

    Magno Laracuente


    "Laracuente and the sea" series offers an invitation to dive through the reefs surrounded by flowers, foam and bubbles

    For more info contact us at Galeria 908 301 9217

      Carlos Iván Cruz

      Even when I'm doing other things I continued to create my next artwork.

      An artist with a Latin essence and mestizo roots, from a country where creativity, the arts and joy are without borders, where hope is bathed in brilliant and contagious colors. 

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        Suenos de nino.jpg
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